Field of Treasure 

  for Parents, 


 and Volunteers

       Offering a broad range of services to parents and families in need. 

“Trust in God for a new day.” 

 We are the people who serve families with honor by providing quality goods and services in a caring manner. 


FOT understands and appreciates parents and caretakers with children while assisting them and their families toward more successful lives in our South County communities. 


South County Focused Newsletter 

(Now Accepting Local Advertising – Call (443) 534-1625 for an Appointment) 


We are excited to introduce the new South County Field of Treasure Newsletter which will be distributed free, twelve times per year at over fifty locations, in southern Anne Arundel County. As you read through the pages, please think about what you would like to see in future issues, or if you would like to advertise:  Call (443) 534-1625,  

or send us a note at:

Field of Treasure offers writing opportunities for families in need, smaller businesses, and those who want to talk about their life experiences. With release of the first newsletter in  August, the newsletter is a way to spread messages of others’ life experiences, extend advertisements for local businesses and create connections within the community. The Newsletter will help in FOT’s mission to provide educational and social services to households in Anne Arundel County with single parents and caretakers of minor children and providing opportunities through the spread of advertisements and stories.  



Educational Fitness, Financial,  

and Legal Classes 

Field of Treasure’s main goal is to provide educational and social services to households in Anne Arundel County with single parents and caretakers of minor children. The fitness, financial, and legal classes will teach South County residents how to improve their lives through taking advantage of government programs dedicated to fulfilling their educational and social needs.

The classes provide a platform to influence families and educate them on how to take steps to improve their life situation.

Field of Treasure Presents

Financial Literacy 101 

     February 6, 2023 - 6:00-7:00 PM Edgewater Library Meeting Room, 25 Stepneys Lane, Edgewater

    February 18, 2023 - 3:00-4:00 PM Deale Library Meeting Room, 5940 Deale-Churchton Rd., Deale 

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Thrift Store for Household Items 

Through donations, Field of Treasure will have household items and essentials for families in need. FOT’s main goal is to help provide support and a platform for single parent families and families in need in hopes of aiding them to improve their lives. The Thrift Store will help provide household items that families may not be able to attain, aiding in supplying a steppingstone to improving their life.  

We are looking for a suitable location and need members and donations to secure a space.  

The smallest donation will help.  

Please call Field of Treasure at (443) -534-1625, 

eMail, or 

mail to Field of Treasure, PO Box 223, Deale, MD 20751-0223. 


Supervised Arcade  

(With Electronic & Board Games) 


The supervised arcade will be available at Field of Treasure to provide guided space for children of parents taking educational classes. The space also works as a way to make connections, gain friendships and improve community life of those seeking help through Field of Treasure. The arcade is a way to have fun, help parents seeking help who are in classes by providing a supervised space for their children, and connect the community.  




 Benefits of an Active Life  

Regardless of the difficulties we all face in our life here on this Earth, most people want to live as healthy as possible for as long as possible. As they grow older some people spend more time alone than they did when they were younger. Some people tend to remain active into their golden years while others may slow down a bit. For some it is possible to miss habits they had when they were younger or lose their sense of purpose. 

People who remain active into their 70s and 80s tend to enjoy life more and have many benefits that increase their wellbeing.  National Institutes of Health research shows us that older adults who maintain their active lifestyle:

(a) develop fewer health problems and are less prone to disease,  

(b) have a greater sense of satisfaction and purpose, 

(c) are happier and less depressed, 

(d) tend to live longer,  

(e) cope with life’s problems easier, 

(f) have fewer problems with their thinking and memory skills, and, 

(g) are less prone to dementia. 




Connect With Friends

Help People


New Donation/Education/Activity Center 

Field of  Treasure is in the planning stages of opening a new center where donated goods can be regifted to low-income family households in communities throughout southern Anne Arundel County, which is not currently not supplied with such services.  There will also be excess household goods to the public in a thrift store at nominal prices.

The donation center will include space for educational classes and activities available to the public while parents are onsite. There will be space to gather with friends in the center. and there will be volunteers to supervise children who will have access to games  as well as educational video programs.

There is a definite and critical need for this Center and I urge all interested parties to contribute what they can in the form of a cash, check, debit cards or credit cards to ensure that it can be opened.

Please send monetary donations to Field of Treasure, PO Box 223, Deale, MD 20751-0223.

Or call (443) 534-1625 at your earliest convenience.